Sunday, December 05, 2010

Eno Onthara Producer Blast Ganesh

Eno Onthara  produced M.Chandrashekhar  addressed a press conference on Monday night  to charge  the film's hero Ganesh of showing  indifference  in not promoting the film properly to attract the viewers which resulted in the poor showing  of the film in the Box office.  The film's director  Mussanje Mahesh and  the film's financier  Niranjan was also present in the press conference.  Veteran producer RS Gowda who had also financed the project was also present in the press conference.
M Chandrashekhar who had called a press conference  earlier even before the film's release  had cancelled it in the last minute.
Sources revealed that he wanted to fire a salvo against the film's hero Ganesh for not participating in the promotional events of the film including the audio release which had hampered its release.  But on Monday he charged Ganesh for not being co-operative with him as for the promotion of the film was concerned.  He wanted Ganesh to return his remuneration or give him a call sheet for a new film in a remuneration that was fixed by the Kannada film producers association and Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. "If Ganesh fails to heed to this request, then I will sit on a Dharna in front of  his house' Chandrashekhar told the media.

It was a surprising request from the producer because he has not believed the quality of the film was something to do with the poor reaction from the audience or his preference to remake a  hugely successful  film like Kushi  which had already become a big hit in Tamil and Telugu and was aired in many Television channels since the past eight years. The DVD of the film is so freely available  that many Kannada film audience would have already seen the non Kannada versions many a times. Another Kannada film Chandu which had Sudeep and Sonia Agarwal in the lead had almost similar situations as in Eno Onthara.
Chandrashekhar had earlier announced a  film with Ganesh titled as Mareyuva Munna which was to have been directed by  Bharat of  Kanti fame. Bharat who has expressed his opposition to remake films had created his own script for the film and had  worked hard in  picking up the locations for the film too.   But  Chandru preferred to produce a remake film instead of  backing an original film. Bharat refuse  to direct a remake and walked out of the film and that is how Mussanje Mahesh came to the project to direct  Eno Onthara which was a remake of  Kushi.

Coming back to  Eno Onthara  the film's release was postponed many a times. Surprising the background for the postponement of release is known to many people connected to film trade.  However  Chandru does not want to reveal anything about  this  to the media.

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