Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Golden star ganesh new movie Style King P C Shekhar Heading the Bollywood Way

P C Shekhar Heading the Bollywood Way

Director P C Shekhar is back after 'Chaddi Dosth'. This time the director-producer has headed the bollywood way. Like UTV and UTV Spot Boy films which produce big budget as well as experimental films, Ramesh has also planned to produce two different films in a similar way.
The first among the two is a stylish commercial film called 'Stylish King'. 'Golden Star' Ganesh who had acted in Shekhar's 'Romeo' will be acting in this film also. The film is scheduled to be launched on Ganesh's birthday this year and one of the highlights of the film is, Ganesh will be playing a double role for the very first time in his career.
The second is an experimental film and will be shot completely before Ganesh's birthday. The film which has Devaraj and Prajwal playing prominent roles will be shot in a 25 days schedule. The film revolves around only five characters and one of the highlights of the film is, Devaraj and Prajwal won't be playing father and son in this film.
While Shekhar will be producing and directing both the films, Arjun Janya will be composing music for both the films.
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